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I have all the skills and the tools for mobile repair jobs. Quality and customer service are my biggest assets.

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by Gerald, DFW

Excellent and very helpful and understanding

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    2011 Buick Lacrosse

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After getting a quote from one of our certified technicians, we'll arrive at your home or business in 48 hours. Whether you're at home in Grand Prairie or just off Central Expressway, we'll come to you no matter where you are in the Dallas area.

Our mobile mechanics will be in touch with you to organize an auto repair that fits your schedule.

We service all vehicle brands and models in Dallas TX. Our mobile mechanics offer anything from auto repair to quick auto tune-ups on both old and new vehicles. 

Request a quote to find out how much an auto repair for your car or truck model.

Firstly, there are two types of auto repair services to consider here: the essential car maintenance that you should perform with regularity and unforeseen auto repair that will occur from time to time.

Preventative maintenance in Dallas TX may cost you anywhere between $948 to $2,523 a year. However, you can ensure you're at the lower end of the scale by joining FixMyCar's oil change membership plan. This gives you regular scheduled oil changes - an essential part of routine car maintenance - and allows you to book scheduled maintenance for other tune-ups at a 10% discount.

As for unforeseen auto repair, this depends on a number of factors. Including:

  • The severity of the auto repair requires

  • The level of expertise

  • The model and make of the car

  • Whether you're using a repair shop or a mobile mechanic

  • Where you're based in Dallas TX

When you visit a Dallas repair shop, you won't know how much a particular auto repair is until you're in the shop - which can lead to you being taken advantage of. However, we give you upfront and fair pricing from the off. We will give you the quote and allow you to make the decision yourself.

All of our mobile mechanics are ASE-certified technicians and are local to the Dallas area.

Our mobile mechanics are able to offer an array of different automotive repair services. Whether you're after full-service maintenance, a quick stop auto repair, or preventative maintenance - we've got you covered.

Here are just some of the different services our mobile mechanics provide you.

  • Oil changes - Don't want to deal with the messiness of changing your oil? We'll perform an oil change for your vehicle so you don't have to. What's more, sign up for our oil change membership and ensure you never miss an oil change again. Click here to learn more.

  • Exhaust systems - If you notice something is off with your exhaust, we'll match you with a mechanic who specializes in exhaust systems.

  • Brake repair - Without well-performing brakes, you run the risk of endangering yourself and other drivers as well as run the risk of more auto repair down the road. Whether your vehicle needs new brake pads or just a second opinion, don't hesitate to get book a brake repair.

  • Transmission service - Our ASE-certified technicians can perform routine maintenance on your transmission or carry out any necessary repairs with our expert transmission service. No matter your vehicle's make or model, we can help you.

  • Wheel alignment - While you can balance and align your wheels at home, we recommend all car owners get a professional to look at it. Contact one of our Dallas technicians to carry out this important auto repair.

  • Suspension - There are on average nine different suspension components in most cars. This is not an easy fix. And, unless you're extremely confident, this is an auto repair best left to a professional.

  • Engine repair - Like suspension repairs, engine repair is complicated. However, if an engine issue is ignored, you could be calling a tow truck sooner than you know it! If you have concerns about your engine, get in touch with us.

  • Tune-ups - All vehicles need tune-ups from time to time. This is routine and preventative maintenance that we recommend all our customers carry out to prolong the life of their vehicle. This scheduled maintenance can be carried out by you, but why go through the hassle! We provide a stress-free car maintenance service for the whole of the Dallas TX area.

Auto repair in Dallas has never been easier! If you want quality car maintenance and auto repair and don't fancy driving all the way to an auto shop, request a quote now.

A mobile mechanic is a much easier, affordable, and trustworthy option when compared to a repair shop.

Here are some reasons why - as a customer - you are better using a mobile mechanic from FixMyCar than a Dallas service shop:

  1. Convenience - Mobile auto repair services are more convenient than visiting a shop. For example, say you need a quick stop auto repair in Dallas. If you use a shop, you'll have to phone, book a time within their own restricted hours of operation, and then have to battle there and back through Dallas traffic. However, with FixMyCar, you can request a quote through our website, get matched with one of our ASE certified technicians, and we'll come to your current location.

  2. Great service - As mentioned, all of our mobiles mechanics are ASE certified technicians and have years of experience working on cars in the Dallas area. While there are many great locally-owned shops in Dallas TX, it's still a gamble. However, with FixMyCar you'll only get quality work. We're so confident of this, all of our services come with a 24 month and 24,000-mile warranty.

  3. Trustworthy - Our mobile auto repair service is more trustworthy and transparent than an auto repair shop. With a locally owned shop, you can easily be taken advantage of if you don't have an in-depth knowledge of vehicles. We want to change that. Firstly, due to our fair pricing model, we can provide you with a fixed price before any repairs even take place. Then, you'll only pay after the service has been carried out to your complete satisfaction. From a quick stop auto repair to a more serious auto repair, we are proud to offer the same level of transparency to all customers in Dallas TX.

We can offer auto repair or full-service maintenance for your company's fleet.

We understand the concerns a business has about ensuring their vehicles pass state inspections and we know it's impractical for you to have to take your fleet to a ship.

If your company has a fleet, request and schedule a routine check-up or a quick stop auto repair via the FixMyCar website and we'll come to wherever your company is based in Dallas TX.

We do offer preventative maintenance and auto repair!

Car maintenance is something we all need to do, however, we understand that life gets busy, and sometimes our customers are unable to put time aside to carry out basic vehicle maintenance. And, unfortunately, this can lead to a larger auto repair in the future.

Thankfully, we offer quality preventative maintenance throughout Dallas TX with fair pricing. This includes standard tune-ups or simply getting your business or company ready for vehicle state inspections.