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Car Lights and Bulbs: The Complete Guide

Daniel McDonald
Daniel McDonald4 min read
Car Lights and Bulbs: The Complete Guide

Car enthusiasts might find different kinds of car headlight bulbs to choose from. Each light type offers different brightness that the customer might want for their car and if you want the best bulbs for your car but are unsure which one to get, don't worry.

We will give you a comprehensive review of automotive light bulbs for your vehicle. Plus, we will discuss the brand and model to give you a better idea. Let's get right into it.

Types of Car Bulbs Available

You can find a wide range of automotive light bulbs for your car that offers different features, such as Halogen, Xenon, and LED bulbs. This section will give you a comprehensive overview of them so you can make the best choice for your car.

Halogen Bulbs

One of the most common car bulb fittings is the halogen headlight bulbs that you can find in your vehicle. The best thing about these bulbs is that they are budget-friendly, and you won't see any errors when changing them.

These conventional halogen bulbs are a mix of inert gas and a small quantity of halogen gas. The bulb coating causes the halogen bulb to glow and gives you much more brightness. However, you will notice the light output will reduce.

So, choosing the brighter halogen lights means you must comprise the real light output. Other than that, it is a much more affordable option than the LED headlight bulbs. You can enjoy an optimal driving experience with these lights.

Xenon HID Kits

The xenon hid headlight system gives you better lighting when driving on the road since it uses the HID gas discharge component instead of the conventional halogen bulb. In addition, you can find the Xenon HID Kits in a broad spectrum of colors such as 5000k, 6000k, and 8000k.

What makes the Xenon bulbs stand out from the rest of them is that it offers much more excellent brightness than the halogen bulbs. Moreover, these bulbs are easy to install, and you can switch from your regular car bulbs to HID kits when driving on the road. Most importantly, the HID kits have a higher beam length than other automotive bulbs.

LED Bulbs

Although the technology for LED bulbs is relatively new, it is advancing rapidly. There are becoming a popular customers' choice due to the amazing brightness they offer.

On average, the LED bulbs can last from 2 to 12 years, depending on your usage. Furthermore, you can enjoy a much better brightness than the halogen bulbs. In addition, new LED bulbs are coming in every year that is much better than the previous ones.

How To Choose The Right Automotive Light Bulbs?

If you are looking to find suitable automotive light bulbs for your vehicle, you need to consider a few factors. It will help you find the correct bulb for your car that suits your need.


The wattage/brightness should be your top priority when finding bulbs for your car's headlights. It is best to go for the manufacturer's power rating, which is around 55W in most cases. However, if you want to go beyond that power rating, you must add a relay in your car's circuit.

That is only possible by cutting through wires, which will cause your warranty to be void. Moreover, the bulb's lifespan would be much lesser since its filament needs to burn at an elevated temperature to give it extra brightness.

Light Color Temperature

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when choosing the headlights for your can is the light color temperature. The measuring unit for it is Kelvins(K). So, if you are looking for standard light bulbs, they will be in the range from 3000K to 3400K.

The bulb with that range will have a slightly yellowish tint, and you can consider them great fog lights. You can see a clear vision during the stormy, rainy, or foggy season with the help of the light bulbs in the range 3000K to 3400K.

Above that range, you will get more purely white light. However, it would be best to keep in mind that a bulb above 4500K is illegal in some countries. So, the ideal choice is to choose the bulb between the color temperature of 3500k and 4400k for your car.

Types of Headlight Fittings

Each brand offers a different kind of headlight fitting, making it difficult to choose the best one for your car's headlights. So, you need to check which one will be compatible with your car's fittings.

Even if you choose the standard bulb, you need to know the one suitable for your car's headlights. This way, your bulb will give you the very best performance when driving on the road.

How Can an Automotive Bulb Finder Help the Right Lights?

The bulb finder that various websites offer allows you to find the best bulbs for your car. You can write down all the specifications, and the website will suggest the best lights in stock to order.

All you have to do is enter your car registration and fill in the other fields to see the best lights for your car. This way, you can check out the best daytime running lights, common car bulb fittings, tail lights, etc., from the comfort of your home.

Bottom Line

Finding the strongest halogen bulbs or any other bulb is no longer a hassle for the regular customer. They can select the best option that the automotive bulb finder offers them as per their car make and model.

Or, if you want the common car bulb fittings for your vehicle, you can visit the closest automobile car parts shop near you. This way, you'll get a better idea about the product releases by various bulb manufacturers.

While most people opt for maximum brightness, you must keep various other factors in mind. Most international sites don't allow you to drive a car with more than 4400K color temperature, and you might also see a warning sign about it in various countries' driving codes and conduct. So, it would help if you kept vital factors like this in mind when choosing the lights for your car.